Frequently asked questions about bankruptcy in Ontario.

Can They Garnishee my Pension in Ontario?

Question: Can they garnishee my pension?  If I go bankrupt in Ontario will that stop the garnishment? Answer: Under the Ontario Pension Benefits Act it is not possible for a normal creditor (like a credit card company, or a bank) to garnishee your pension.  Garnishments are only possible under the Ontario Wages Act, and since […]

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How Can I Stop a Wage Garnishment in Ontario?

There are six ways to stop a wage garnishment in Ontario. The first and most obvious way to stop a wage garnishment is to make a deal with the creditor to pay it.  Of course this isn’t easy, because presumably if you could have made a deal you would have done it before they went […]

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How long will I be bankrupt in Ontario?

Question: I have heard that some bankruptcies last longer than others.  How do you know how long your bankruptcy will last?  I would be going bankrupt in Toronto, Ontario. Answer: The minimum bankruptcy period is nine months.  However, your bankruptcy will last longer under certain conditions.  There are three reasons for a bankruptcy to be […]

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How much does it cost to go bankrupt in Ontario?

Question: How much does it cost to go bankrupt in Ontario? Answer: The cost of bankruptcy in Ontario depends on a number of factors that are different in each situation. Here is an explanation of the different costs: 1 All trustees charge a minimum contribution for each month you are bankrupt.  The more complicated your […]

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